4th Judicial Circuit Court Docket

Innocent until proven guilty in the Circuit Court of Washington County, appearing on Judge Richard A. Smith’s docket:

Tuesday, Jan. 22

Paul Jones, felony worthless check;

Laura Vannamen, felony worthless check;

Marcus Lindsey, sexual battery (7 counts), fondling (2 counts);

Quintarious S. Barnes, possession of marijuana with intent;

William Wade Love, possession of controlled substance (2 counts);

Willie Hawthorne; sale of methamphetamine (2 counts);

Dwan McNeil, possession of controlled substance in correctional facility;

Betty Newson, felony worthless check;

Algea G. Clay (Hamilton), aggravated assault, habitual;

Tikinia James, credit card fraud (5 counts);

Kelvin Hill, possession of controlled substance (cocaine);

Jeremichael Trisby, statutory rape (5 counts);

Timothy Hogan, possession of controlled substance (3 counts), possession of a firearm by felon;

Thaddeus Butts, possession of a controlled substance(2 counts);

Charles Young, aggravated assault;

Kristen Garvin, possession of a controlled substance with intent, child abuse (3 counts);

Lelslie Cameron Smith, possession of a controlled substance with intent, child abuse (3 counts);

Earnest Montgomery, taking a motor vehicle, felony malicious mischief;

James Lofton, uttering forgery;

Jimmy Lawrence, armed robbery (habitual);

Kiara Danley, kidnapping;

Frederick Nalls Jr. kidnapping;

James Carlisle, felony malicious mischief;

Elijah Clark, aggravated assault (enhanced);

Geor’ Barri Wells, 1st degree murder (enhanced), attempted murder, aggravated assault;

Zayla Walker, malicious mischief;

Antwayette Brown, escape;

Jovarious Singleton, shooting into a vehicle (enhanced);

Amanda Wallery, embezzlement;

Johnathan Reed, receiving stolen property;

Wednesday, Jan. 23

Ronnie Thomas, aggravated assault (enhanced, 2 counts), possession of a deadly weapon by felon;

Demond Williams, 2nd degree murder;

Christopher Brent, manslaughter;

Charles Young, possession of cocaine (enhanced);

Fredrick Kingdom, felony domestic violence/aggravated assault;

Eugene Sanders Jr., receiving stolen property;

Bryan O’Keith Brown, 1st degree murder (enhanced).