DD-T going twice weekly




The Delta Democrat-Times will be publishing twice weekly beginning with the Oct. 2 edition.

The newspaper will publish Wednesdays and weekends.

Facebook, Google and Amazon have changed not only the media landscape but nearly every facet of our lives from local retailers to government institutions. With the changing media environment, the newspaper has to adapt to today’s digital society.

While we publish the newspaper twice per week we will continually report news live to our readers through the website as swiftly as possible.

“Newspapers will always play a crucial role in the communities they serve whether it be through a print edition or a web service,” said Jon Alverson, publisher and editor of the DD-T. “We are the only news operation using local reporters to produce original content for Greenville and Washington County.”

One of the major components of this change concerns our loyal subscribers and our formula for extending the expiration dates of their existing subscriptions.

Using our formula, all existing subscribers will automatically have their expiration dates extended to ensure they will receive the same number of issues from now until their subscription is up for renewal.

A monthly subscription to the daily newspaper accounts for about 21 newspapers. That means anyone with one month remaining on their subscription will now still receive 21 newspapers or about 10 weeks’ worth of newspapers before their subscription must be renewed.

Calculations have been made for subscribers with terms longer than a month based on the total number of newspapers they would have received with the five-day-per-week format. Delta Democrat-Times subscribers can see their updated expiration date on the label on the Wednesday Oct. 2 newspaper.

Subscribers' annual rates will drop from $156 a year to $72 a year for in-county subscribers. Single copy prices remain the same and the newspapers can be found in the same retail outlets.

“We believe the reduction in price for the news we provide will make the newspapers more appealing for a wider, cost-conscientious audience,” Alverson said.

The new price structure for in-county subscriptions is:

• $72 for one year;

• $40 for six months;

• $7 for one month; and

• $6 for E-Z Pay.

“The Delta Democrat-Times remains committed to creating and publishing important local news and advertising content for the citizens of Greenville and Washington County,” Alverson said. “We know we will continue to fill this need as a twice-weekly newspaper.”

Mississippi-based Emmerich Newspapers publishes 19 weekly and twice-weekly newspapers as well as two small dailies throughout Mississippi including two weeklies in Louisiana and one in Arkansas.

The Delta Democrat-Times plans to offset these print frequency reductions by continuing to grow its website at ddtonline.com.

“We are excited about our digital vision,” said Wyatt Emmerich, president of Emmerich Newspapers. “We continue to develop a comprehensive and robust website that offers instant access to all the important local news in our communities.”

All print subscribers have full complimentary access to the website and e-edition.

“We believe a twice-weekly publication with a vibrant, constantly updated, local website, will be a winning combination that will allow us to serve the news and advertising needs of this community for many years to come,” Emmerich said.

“The Delta Democrat-Times is committed to being the best local news product in Greenville and Washington County,” Alverson said. “A twice-weekly publication will extend the shelf life of each edition. We are not cutting back, but rather condensing our communities’ valuable local content into two larger editions rather than five smaller editions.”