Proud to be an American: Residents share plans, what Independence Day means

The Delta Democrat-Times staff asked people what their Fourth of July plans are this year and what the holiday means to them. This is what they said:

Mark Howell, of Greenville:

“The Fourth of July means the hope we have for democracy. It is a goal we are trying to reach. This goal is unfinished and may never be complete, but we just need to try to make things better. We need to keep trying for equality for everyone. … I will spend it with my wife outside enjoying nature. I might go hiking, kayaking or swimming.”

Patricia Williams, of Greenville:

“Because of the coronavirus, I will not be doing much this year. I usually travel to my family in Iowa for a week but we decided it was best not to. I’ll probably watch a few movies and order pizza. I’m still just grateful to live in America. Too many people are forgetting how good we have it here.”

Carrie Smith, of Greenville:

“My family has so much fun on the Fourth, I can’t wait. We always grill good food, play with fire crackers and watch “Independence Day.” Since there is no fireworks show this year, we are really going to go all out. I really  hope the weather is good so we can go swimming too. I just want my family to have a good time. Fourth of July is the best.”

Greenville High School basketball Coach Delmar Sprouse:

“The Fourth of July means a whole lot to me because of the fellowship time I get to spend with my friends and family. It’s about barbecuing and enjoying time together. I would rank the Fourth of July in my top four as far holiday goes. It is just right behind Thanksgiving and Christmas. … I am going to spend the day with a few of my family and friends. It will be good to see some of them because we have been so isolated, and we have not been together for a while.”

Elizabeth Alexander, interim director of the Washington County Library:

“The Fourth of July means freedom, and that is why we celebrate it. This freedom means everyone is free to practice their religion and their beliefs. Be sure to visit your local public library for a good book to read this summer while enjoying your freedom. … I plan to spend the holiday with a few friends and family with a quiet celebration.”

Teresa Davis, of Winston-Salem, North Carolina and formerly of Greenville:

“The Fourth of July represents freedman and reminds me of what a great country we live in. It’s a time for me to be with my loved ones home I share these freedoms with.”

Mary Whitehead, of Greenville:

“I plan on relaxing the entire day. I work almost every day and this is going to be a much needed day off. My husband is going to grill out while I sit inside and prop my feet on the couch. My kids can play with fireworks all they want outside, I just want peace and quiet inside.”

Kathryn Johnston, of Greenville:

“I always love celebrating the Fourth of July. My family always does a big cookout with ribs, burgers, chicken, you name it. We are going to spend the day in the pool and chilling by the grill. We are going to buy some fireworks and shoot them off with the kids. It’s going to be a good time.”

John Singer, of Greenville:

“I’m going to watch my favorite Revolutionary War movie, “The Patriot.” Ever since that movie came out, it’s been my go-to every year. It’s not the most historically accurate movie, but it is still a good watch. Too many people are caught up in fireworks, which are fine, but we need to spend some time out of our day teaching our children about the history of the day. If we don’t, I sure worry about the future of this country.”

Jeremy Perkins, of Greenville:

“Independence Day, to me, means the celebration of our country’s freedom. It’s a sad world we’re living in today where people don’t see or understand how good we have it in this country. I love America and I will always be proud of who I am and where I come from. I am going to spend the day with my family and teach them the importance of patriotism. I have a lot of veterans in my family and I know this is the way they would want me to spend the day with my children.” 

Angela Palmer, of Greenville:

“This is my favorite time of year because the weather is  perfect for playing outside and we can celebrate what our founding fathers sacrificed for us to have today. God bless America.”