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Bogan Brewer loves everything about football and being a member of the Washington School football team.
Four days after his father died, Daric Campbell Jr. sat in the office at O’Bannon High School and waited to meet his new football coach. Football has always been important to Daric, 16, and these days it is more important than ever.
Sports leagues tend to be competitive and charged with a heavy dose of athleticism that may intimidate those just trying to enjoy the social aspects and health benefits.
Reports of shots fired, resulted in an investigation that determined a a 30 year-old black male was struck by a vehicle and is now in critical condition.
If one of the children participating in Saturday’s United States’ Tennis Association Mississippi Chapter National Junior Tennis League Rally goes on to win Wimbledon one day, it would indeed be a significant accomplishment.

Sand Bags Available

Sand and bags have been made available again at the Washington County Expo

Building located at 1040 S Raceway Rd in Greenville. Residents can come and

make sandbags to help protect their property from flooding.

The side will open at 8:00 a.m. Tuesday June 4, 2019 and remain open throughout

Camp Renaissance kicks off

Summer is here and so is Camp Renaissance 2019. Every summer for the past 12 years Greenville Renaissance Scholars (GRS) has offered a summer program for middle school students that includes academics, creative arts, health and wellness and educational travel.

WLSD’s board approves energy-saving projects



Schneider Electric will be assisting Western Line School District with renovations made at many buildings throughout the district.

The company will provide enhanced LED lighting throughout buildings, classrooms and athletic fields, as well as replace old air conditioning units with newer fuel efficient units. 


Weddings & Engagements

Friends and relatives of Lakwanya Denise Titus and Timothy Lee Davis are invited to their wedding... READ MORE