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Council approves SkyCop test run

Testing out a technology tool aimed at detering and preventing crime was approved by the Greenville City Council at their May 21 meeting.

Library’s summer reading program begins Tuesday

Children ages 12 and under can join the free Library Summer Reading Program sponsored by the Washington County Library System and the Mississippi Library Commission.

Cutting energy cost is an idea that both the Washington County Board of Supervisors and the City of Greenville has discussed at May meetings.


Thanks to some much needed sunshine in the region, Old Man River is slowly going down after reaching its crest this week.

What’s in a name? Delta Hot Tamale Festival request suggestions


Would a Tamale by another name taste as hot?
The new mascot for the Delta Hot Tamale Festival has been unveiled but has not yet been given a name.
Gretchen Giachelli, Greenville Main Street director,  said creating a mascot for the festival is an idea that has been in the works for years.

Greenville’s Clean up day rescheduled for Saturday


With a weekend forecast including sun shine, community leaders are hoping residents will take the opportunity to make the area sparkle with cleanliness.

The Keep Greenville Beautiful committee has rescheduled Greenville’s annual Clean Up Day for Saturday, April 27 after the April 6 date brought dreary weather.