DDT readers react to coronavirus outbreak, share their stories

The Delta Democrat-Times asked its readers on Facebook how COVID-19 may be affecting them and their thoughts on the matter. This is what they said.

Kimberly Nicole 

“My children, as well as myself, are all out of school. We plan on staying inside and enjoying our extended spring break with arts and crafts, workbooks, board games and relaxing. As far as the virus goes, we are taking precautions but we aren’t panicking and buying up all the basic necessities like some are. I am a believer and stand firm in knowing God is our protector. Stay safe everyone and try not to worry so much.”

Kelly Marie Britton 

“Her teacher sent me links to work online and a list of sight words for her to go over this week. This isn’t a vacation and I see so many people acting like it is.”

Sherkita Collins 

“I’m at work along with my coworkers who’ve returned from taking spring break in areas where the coronavirus cases are high. Trying to isolate myself, practicing social distancing. I’m not worried but I am in preparedness mode in case I get sick from the virus.”

Stephanie Clark-Epley

“I am concerned that I have to go out in the public where I work and provide services to clients in their homes. I have asthma and also have a mother that has congestive heart failure and COPD. This illness would harm both of us severely.”

Sandra Wells 

“I still have to come to my mother’s house to take care of her and while my grandson is out for school a day for him include: Iready reading, move to learn, Khan for math and happy frog reading comprehension as well as him being on the computer for fun.”

Antoinette Corbin 

“Working from home. I kept my son home from the adult daycare he attends. We always try to stay stocked up, but I did go grab a few things a few days ago. So, we’re in for the long haul, barring any emergency. Using this time to write, relax, and connect with myself and the Most High.”

Melissa Price

“My sons are out but I’m still out cleaning houses. Bills have to be paid.”

Kathy Bishop Smiley 

“My husband and I are retired. We are fortunate to always have a fully stocked pantry and freezer. We went to Kroger Saturday to get fresh produce and milk. There was none to be had. We will be fine without it. We are trying to stay at home and keep current with the news. We are in the greatest country in the world. We will get through this by using the guidelines of staying away from other people as much as possible. To stop the spread of the virus, use plenty of soap and water.”

Tonia Quinnise 

“Due to the daycare and schools being closed, we as parents still have to work. I think we should be allowed to stay at home with our children while our job still pays us or some assistance from the government with pay.”

Elizabeth Walker Brent 

“Living my day just like I always do and no, I’m not concerned. Trusting God.”

Brenda Townsend 

“Still working, thank God. People need to stop panicking. This is not the first virus we have been thru. It too shall pass.”

Brandy Ellis 

“My children are out of school for an extended time. We plan on staying inside until all the sickness has passed through. I’m not scared at all but I do have a somewhat plan. My kids have been having allergies symptoms so I told them whatever we may get during this time I’m going to take care of it at home bc I’m staying clear from doctor’s offices and hospitals during this time. I am well stocked on Otc meds so we are set in that aspect. We are staying out of grocery stores and other public places. I’m not panicking but being careful.”

Errica Jenkins 

“Well all my kids and myself are scared to go outside. All three of my girls are sick kids and I do not want them nowhere near what is going on right now in this world. But it’s sad when you can’t go to stores to get what you need for them. How can you get the medicine they need when all this going on? Like it’s crazy but if people have more faith and come together and see how can we come up with something to help single parents with kids and elderly people. Give them some kind of kicks like protect them from germs and all that. But how can you do that when there is nothing in the stores? I think this when the mayor needs to step in.”

Dwane Wells

“I’m working and to be honest, I could care less. The fear going to kill more people than the virus.”

Cynthia Buck

“Waiting for it to pass.”