GPSD aims to raise student achievement

Raising student achievement was named as a focus for Greenville Public School District at Tuesday’s board meeting.

Superintendent Janice Page-Johnson provided board members a chart of each school’s current accountability status and the points they are working towards to show growth to the next level,” said Jan Vaughn, school board trustee. “GPSD has made tremendous progress which is evident from our movement from F to D. Carrie Stern, under the leadership of Principal [Eddie] Springfield showed the most growth of any school in the district by earning more than 100 points and we are especially proud of her efforts, as well as all the others.”

Springfield gave credit to students.

“I am proud of the steps we are taking to improve our student achievement,” she said.

The district’s total points went from 440 in 2016 to 499 in 2018. Reading proficiency went from 14 percent in 2016 to 24.2 in 2018. The district math proficiency has increased from 16.7 percent to 22.5. The history went down then rose again with 38.8 percent to 34.7 to 43.1. The science proficiency went up as well from 38 percent to 54.9.

“In GPSD, we strive daily to ensure that all students have the opportunity to maximize their potential,” said Melvin Brown, principal at Greenville High School. “Our goal is to make sure that each child knows more today than they did yesterday.”

Page-Johnson said that she was proud of the growth that is happening in the district but there is a lot more ground to cover.

The district reading growth has gone up from 37.9 to 57.1 since 2016. There has been a decrease in math growth down to 45.1 in 2018 from 52.7 in 2017 and 55.3 in 2016

There has also been a decrease in math’s low growth, down from 75.2 to 50.8.

GPSD is taking extra steps in making sure that this subject increases more for the rest of this school year and more, Page-Johnson told board members.

The improved reading low growth rose from 58.6 to 74.5.

Page-Johnson said the district hopes readiness, acceleration, graduation rate and participation will continue the upward trend.

Projections based on trends show the district’s readiness score will improve from 11.5 to 15.7, acceleration will improve from 35.2 to 45, graduation rates will improve from 60.5 to 72.7 and maintaining a 95 or higher participation rate district wide will improve from 98.5 to 99.1.