GPSD finalizing its summer school plans, set for June 8-July 2


The Greenville Public School District discussed summer plans during its regular meeting of the board of trustees Tuesday afternoon.

Superintendent Debra Dace informed the trustees Summer Learning-At-Home and Summer Enrichment Plans had been submitted.

According to the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE), the summer learning and enrichment plans, which were due on May 15 per executive order 1476 issued by governor Tate Reeves, are measures necessary to mitigate disruption from the Spring 2020 school closure due to COVID-19 and to enhance learning in preparation for the 2020-2021 academic school year.

Dace said they are finalizing implementation of the summer learning and enrichment plans, which is set to begin June 8 through July 2.

Dace also shared virtual summer school will take place in which the district is proposing be held Monday through Thursday, from 8 a.m. to noon.

“Again, we’re working out all of the details,” Dace said, noting virtual summer school sessions will address enrichment, remediation and promotion.

If needed, Dace said the district would disseminate electronic devices to students so they are able to participate in virtual learning.

Google Classroom, I-ready and A+ Learning are the tools GPSD will be using to implement virtual learning and assignments.

In addition, GPSD will be offering online registration for students and information regarding the online registration process will be mailed out along with report cards beginning this week.