Habitat seeks volunteers to build homes

Greenville area renters striving to become first-time homeowners are invited to a pair of Sunday afternoon application workshops hosted by Greater Greenville Area Habitat for Humanity March 3.

The workshop will begin at 3 p.m. at the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer, 642 West O’Hea St.

Rev. Anjohnette Gibbs said current home-owners may also seek assistance for repairs or improvements to homes.

“While we have previously concentrated almost solely on constructing new homes on vacant lots, during 2019 and beyond, we will pursue a second thread,”Gibbs said.

“Our board of directors has set goals of always having two projects simultaneously under way. We will be renovating an existing owner-occupied home while building a brand new one,” she continued. “Thankfully, a sufficient number of skilled volunteer construction supervisors have come our way to make this happen.”

Habitat co-chair Mike Williams said semi-skilled or low-skilled volunteer groups from churches, civic clubs, fraternal organizations and the like are needed to provide labor to keep both construction projects active.

“In a town whose people are as civic-minded as the citizens of Greenville, forming these teams should be a piece of cake,” he said.

Since its inception, the Greenville-based Habitat affiliate has completed two home improvement projects and built 18 new three-bedroom homes. Individual volunteers or groups should contact Habitat Volunteer Coordinator Bob Boyd at 335-2122 or 931-7777.