Mississippi River to flood again by month’s end


The Mississippi River is expected to reach flood stage, again.

According to the National Weather Service in Jackson’s 16-day rainfall forecast, river crests could increase by 0.5-2.5 feet.

As of Friday, the Greenville gauge measured at 45.7 feet and is expected to reach flood stage (48 feet) by Monday. Greenville is expected to crest at 50.5 feet by Feb. 26.

Helena, Arkansas, was at 44 feet as of Friday and is anticipated to crest at 44 feet by Feb. 24. Arkansas City, Arkansas, was at 34.2 feet as of Friday and is expected to crest at 39.5 by Feb. 25. Vicksburg was at 43.1 feet as of Friday and is expected to crest at 46.5 feet by Feb. 28.

As of Friday, the Steele Bayou Structure Gates remained open and there are over 357,000 acres underwater in the Mississippi South Delta.

The Yazoo Backwater is predicted to crest between 93.5’ and 94’. At 93.5’ there will be which will flood 387,000 total acres including 129,000 acres of cropland.

According to a report sent by the Mississippi Levee Board, if the Yazoo Backwater Pumps were in place, the Pumps would have lowered the crest by 5.3 feet down to 88 feet instead of cresting at 93.3’ on Feb. 2. And, instead of 380,000 acres flooded, the Pumps would have prevented 154,000 acres from flooding, lowering the total land flooded to 226,000 acres.