Plans underway for Camp Renaissance

Building upon the organization’s legacy of serving Greenville-area middle school students for the past 12 years, Greenville Renaissance Scholars is excited to announce open recruitment for camp director, teachers, and rising 5th to 9th grade (current 4th to 8th grade) “Scholars” to be part of Camp Renaissance 2019.

Starting with Introductory Day June 1 and continuing Monday through Friday all-day program during the entire month of June, GRS will continue using a model summer program that has proven effective over the years and has consistent high praise from families of scholars, volunteers and staff.

Monday through Thursday Camp Renaissance 2019 will be classroom-based, with academic classes in reading, math, and college and career readiness (ACT Prep, resume building, mock interviews, etc.) taught by certified teachers.

The afternoon is focused on hands-on experiences, with experienced arts educators leading possible programs that include music, visual arts and dance. The afternoon also includes STEM Club where scientists and engineers from the USDA-ARS, Community Counseling Center and additional organizations volunteer their time to lead hands-on science activities.

Fridays are all about educational travel, where scholars visit college campuses, museums, community events and explore both the world and their future.

“Many organizations have summer programs – what sets ours apart is our combined focus on intensive academics and exploratory arts experiences while keeping the cost affordable,” said Jon Delperdang, GRS executive director.

“Our continued commitment to the growth and development of the Greenville community is clear from the established partnerships we have built throughout the years of the program. While there are always improvements and new faces at Camp Renaissance, GRS remains steadfast in providing opportunities during the summer for students who otherwise wouldn’t receive such opportunities.”

“Camp Renaissance 2019 is similar in rigor and focus to a college camp, but we continue to have Camp Renaissance in Greenville because we believe in our town and want to help the next generation,” said Andrea Fisher, GRS board president.

“My two sons were part of the first group of scholars and since then I’ve been involved to provide similar opportunities to current Greenville area students. I firmly believe that we get such strong participation and great volunteers because Greenville residents know that we are here and we will still be here 20 years from now. Consistency in excellence is essential to improving a community, and GRS is the definition of that.”

Those interested in working at Camp Renaissance 2019 or families who want to register their Scholar can contact Jon Delperdang at 662-303-4604.