River may crest in early March

The Mississippi River Levee Board issued a revised National Weather Service, Jackson, update predicting the Mississippi River to crest for the Greenville area March 5.

While the river is currently at 48 feet, which is already considered flood level by representatives of the board and service for our area, it is predicted to continue to rise to a height of 53 feet by March. 5, nearly a week later than first predicted.

The Mississippi Levee Board monitors several instruments to predict river levels. One site, rivergauges.com uses data gathered by the Army Corp of Engineers to generate forecasts; another, National Weather Service, Jackson, also publishes data on river levels, including a 28-day forecast for the Delta region. These are used in concert by the Levee Board predict and coordinate with other city resources and officers to prevent problems that may arise.

“After about 50 feet, many roads on the Lake Ferguson side of the levee begin to go underwater, and this is when the real work begins,” said Peter Nimrod, chief engineer of Mississippi Levee Board.

While meetings have been held and measurements and data are being gathering regarding the Greenville Harbor dike, Nimrod says the efforts that are in place in this area are sufficient to withstand even 100-year events.

When the river reaches these levels, the board coordinates with the Yazoo Mississippi River Joint Management District and the Army Corp of Engineers to being patrolling the 212 miles of the river to identify any potential weaknesses and set to ensuring the safety of residents.