Virtual Black Lives Matter protest set to take place Sunday on Facebook Live


A Black Lives Matter protest initially planned for Saturday afternoon will instead take on the form of a virtual protest organized by Laderrius Barksdale scheduled for 5 p.m. Sunday on Facebook Live.

“We decided to take the millennial approach,” Barksdale said, “The people during the 60s took it to the streets by marching but we have kids who heavily utilize technology.”

The murder of George Floyd has sparked much attention and motivation for Americans who are black, brown, white and all those in between to do their parts by helping to put an end to police brutality and perpetual injustice as it pertains to minorities.

Greenville resident and media personality Barksdale, known for his podcast “Talks with Tukay,” has sought out to make sure local officials contribute to the conversations surrounding the atrocities with the killings of not only Floyd, but Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, Botham Jean, Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin and so forth.

Contributing their full support for Barksdale are Mayor Errick Simmons, Chief Delando Wilson, Sheriff Milton Gaston and other chief law enforcement personnel.

Barksdale highlighted with the comment section being open during the live, viewers will have an opportunity to voice their opinions and ask questions of the mayor and chief of police about the happenings of America’s societal climate.

“We fully support the Black Lives Matter protest and any peaceful demonstration for freedom, social justice, and equity in this community. We have had a Black Lives Matter protest before and it was peaceful and met its purpose,” Simmons said in a press release.

Simmons thanked Barksdale for his leadership and activism and said he looks forward to continual partnership to not only address issues and concerns facing Greenville and America, but also put forward a call to action for solutions, strategies, and policies.