Washington County votes for Biden, Trump in primaries


According to unofficial reports from the Washington County Circuit Clerk office, 6,394 of the county’s 31,913 registered voters cast their ballots Tuesday for the United States presidential primaries.

Of the 6,394 people who voted, 5,277 voted Democrat and 1,065 people voted Republican.

The general election, which will be the 59th quadrennial presidential election, is set for Tuesday, Nov. 3.


Of the President-Democrat votes, Joseph R. Biden received the vast majority with 85.39%, or 4,506 votes, with Bernie Sanders receiving 10.65%, or 562 votes. Michael Bloomberg received 2.84%, or 150 votes.

For Senate-Democrat, Mike Espy received 96.58%, or 5,022 votes, with Jensen Bohren receiving 1.87%, or 97 votes.

For 2nd Congressional District-Democrat, Bennie Thompson received 96%, or 4,988 votes, with Sonia Rathburn receiving 3.95%, or 205 votes.


Of the President-Republican votes, Donald Trump received the vast majority with 98.87%, or 1,053 votes, with Bill Weld receiving 0.75%, or 8 votes. 

For Senate-Republican, Cindy Hyde-Smith received 99.71%, or 1,036 votes, with 0.29%, or 3 write-in votes.

For 2nd Congressional District-Republican, B.C. Hammond received the majority with 41.13%, or 385 votes, with Brian Flowers receiving 32.05%, or 300 votes.