Making an impact

When most people think about basketball, they tend to only think about an actual NBA game.

T.L. Weston Middle School Assistant Coach Glenn Ford, however, uses the game of basketball to give back to future doctors, lawyers, police officers, fireman, nurses, and, of course, basketball players.

Each summer and Christmas break Ford holds a free basketball camp and gives away many door prizes. A vision from Ford’s undergrad years has become reality because he always wanted to give back to the youth of Greenville. Basketball is a passion for Ford and also the best way for him to reach certain children who resort to sports as a pastime. Basketball camps are useful for young athletes to reach physical, emotional, and mental goals.

The state of Mississippi obesity rate currently is ranked number two amongst other states, with West Virginia being number one. Ford’s plan is not only affecting Greenville but also the state. The obvious idea of hosting a youth basketball camp would be to increase the knowledge and habits of a healthy lifestyle in your participates. Receiving the proper nutrition from each meal is a vital component to lowering the states obesity rate.

Attending basketball camps like Ford’s also gives each person more experience and confidence in the sport. He teaches these children to learn how to overcome physical limitations. Ford’s camp develops young basketball players to push themselves beyond what they thought was possible.

Struggle comes in all areas of life, especially in pre-teens. Learning the important things such as a hard work ethic and always keeping a positive attitude are essential to young athletes. Efforts from men like Glenn Ford are key factors in changing young men.

Learning emotional control while playing sports can easily be transferred to everyday actions.

Sponsors are necessary to keep camps like Ford’s running. The coach asks that you please donate what you would feel you can both in your time and financially.


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