Passionate Coach Rucker leaving Waves

Walking the halls of O’Bannon High School you couldn’t mention girls basketball without thinking about head coach Lindsey Rucker.

Throughout the years Rucker has coached many different Lady Waves basketball teams.

Rucker recently announced this will be his last year coaching at O’Bannon. Rucker began coaching the Lady Waves in 2004.

Coaching for Coach Rucker has never been about wins or losses. It has been about making an impact on young students’ lives. “It is a satisfying feeling knowing you’re helping someone get better at their craft,” Rucker said.

Rucker has coached basketball, fast-pitch, and slow-pitch softball at O’Bannon. No matter what sport he was coaching he always had a positive effect on everyone around him. Fans of O’Bannon High School love Coach Rucker because of his passion, dedication, and work ethic to make a difference.

Former players like Myeisha Stewart, Scanita Miller, Teasha Banks, and Keundra Willliams were just a few of the students who Rucker helped grow and mature.

Each one of those players, in fact, was an extra extension of Rucker. If he thought to look left, they’d look left. If he thought to dribble down the court and pass the ball, they’d dribble down the court and pass the ball.

Rucker’s players always showed his same dedication. If 100 percent was needed to win the game, Rucker coached his team to give 110 percent. A lot of times Coach Rucker stayed late in the evening prepping for the next game. Work ethic is one of those things a lot of coaches want to have, but for few, like Rucker, it always came second nature. Rucker instills this same ethic to his students and colleagues.

Leaving a legacy means leaving behind a path for someone else to follow or to admire. The legacy Rucker wants to leave behind is that anything is possible and that academics count more than athletics. Rucker and the Lady Wave basketball team is most known around the state for winning the Mississippi High School Scholar Athlete award on a consistent basis. This award means the whole team must have a 3.0 GPA.

While Rucker is leaving the Greenwaves, He said they will always remain in his heart.

He said he hopes to continue his coaching career to help turn “boys into men.”


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