We need a little silliness


If you didn’t get a chance to pick up Sunday’s edition of the Delta Democrat-Times, you should. The front page story was about one local church family’s unique way of wishing one of their members a happy birthday. Lizzie Mae Baugh wasn’t just having another birthday, she had turned 100 years old, an absolutely incredible feat for anyone.

The members of South Main Church of Christ, which just so happens to be where my family and I attend, had initially planned a large birthday bash in Lizzie Mae’s honor.

When the COVID-19 pandemic grew to the restrictions we are experiencing today, the party had to be postponed.

Then, one of the members had a brilliant idea. Since everyone couldn’t get together for Baugh’s special day, what was to stop them from driving past her house in parade-style?

While practicing safe social distancing, everyone lined up their vehicles in the church parking lot Thursday afternoon. The Greenville Fire Department was even kind of enough to send over a couple trucks to lead the route.

It was one of the most thoughtful and creative ways I have ever seen to celebrate someone’s birthday, and it didn’t cost anyone a penny.

Everyone pulled together items they already had at their house, from balloons, birthday banners, temporary car paint, streamers and more to decorate their cars. It was a great sight to behold.

Lizzie Mae’s daughter, Marie, was in on the surprise and made sure her mother was outside on what ended up being a beautiful day to not miss the parade.

Lizzie Mae smiled as she stood and thanked every single person who drove past her home. Nearby neighbors stood in their front lawns to watch and take pictures, some with tears in their eyes.

It was a beautiful gift not only for Lizzie Mae, but for the community as well.

Many people have been afraid of the ongoing virus pandemic, but, even if it was just for a few minutes, many people were distracted from those fears.

The world is in desperate need of more positivity during these troublesome times.

Although we can’t get together, there are ways we can brighten each other’s day. If you are missing someone, drive past their home and wave hello.

Some of my friends and I have started playing games while video chatting. For instance, we will each get out a game of Monopoly and play by moving each other’s pieces as if we are physically together. It’s a bit of a hassle, but we laugh and have a great time in the process.

A lot of people have been distracting themselves by playing “get to know you” games on Facebook, such as naming seven things you don’t like that most people do, listing 10 jobs you’ve had but one is a lie and everyone has to guess, or even just sharing pictures of something of a similar color.

Some of these things may seem silly, but sometimes we need a bit of silliness in our lives. I believe now, more than ever, is one of those times.

A lot of people are scared, downright terrified, as this virus pandemic goes on, especially if they live with someone who has a compromised immune system.

Living your life on a day-to-day basis in constant fear and panic is no way to live.

Find ways to fill your day with joy and happiness. Take a drive somewhere in the country you’ve never explored before, pick up that old hobby you stopped years ago or try a new hobby, read that book you never got around to, call the people you love you haven’t spoken to in a long time and catch up, there is plenty to do.

We should absolutely be cautious and safe, but we should also be happy. Find what makes you happy.

Catherine Kirk is managing editor of the Delta Democrat-Times. She can be reached at ckirk@ddtonline.com.