Masks not so bad

Masks, their usage and mandates are a contentious topic.

We’re not sure why.

We can understand why people might not enjoy wearing masks, but the mandate they be worn in public spaces is not one so onerous as to create the vitriolic response it has in some people and places.

Luckily, we don’t see that as happening all too often here in Greenville.

This weekend, we had the chance to visit three groceries looking for two baking items which appear to be in short supply. One store had one of the items but not the other, same for the second and the third had neither.

We also went to church and had lunch in a public place.

In each of the locations we visited, mask-wearing compliance was as near as makes no difference 100%.

For some people — according to social media and a survey now active on our website at — seeing people wearing a mask is actually a bad thing.

Those folks see the people following a mandate of the government as willingness to accede their freedom too blithely.

We wonder if those same people realize the freedoms they accede daily.

We’re told to wear shirts and shoes when we enter restaurants. We drive at or near the speed limit. We can’t yell “Fire,” in a crowded restaurant. We’re not supposed to steal from our neighbors.

To be a part of a Republic, we give away part of our individual freedoms to create a society that is livable for the majority.

Our city leaders and our governor have made orders requiring us to wear masks in public spaces as we go about our normal business.

It’s a mask. It’s not a prison sentence or a violation of civil rights.

There’s a good chance it will help mitigate the effects of one of the most contagious viruses we’ve seen in our lifetime.

When the pandemic ends, we can take the masks off, but those who fought and screamed and yelled when asked to wear masks will be remembered for that for quite some time.

We admit, watching the videos of these people is somewhat addicting, but at the same time, we wonder whatever happened to civility in America?

Thankfully, we know civility in Greenville.