Greenville City Council enters order requiring face coverings, effective immediately


Today, the Greenville City Council called a special call meeting to discuss the urgency in requiring masks and/or face coverings after a recent surge in COVID-19 cases. Washington County reached an increase of over 200 COVID-19 cases within fourteen days. On Monday, July 6, 2020, the Washington County Board of Supervisors entered a resolution strongly encouraging the City of Greenville and other cities and towns in Washington County to enter an ordinance requiring facial coverings. At its Tuesday’s, July 7, 2020, regular scheduled city council meeting, the City Council entered an order requiring all its employees to wear masks if city employees were unable to meet the six feet social distancing requirement. At this meeting, the Mayor requested the Washington County Economic Alliance to conduct a survey of the business community on the requirement of wearing masks. The survey closed at noon today.

At a press conference on Thursday, July 9, 2020, Governor Reeves stated that he will be issuing a mask mandate for 13 counties, including Washington County, that will go into effect next week. After said press conference, the mayor and city council received a mountain of calls from residents, the medical community, and the business community requesting that an order be put into effect immediately. During the special call meeting, the Greenville City Council by a vote of 5-0 entered an order requiring the wearing of masks and/or face coverings  in all public places and private establishments including grocery stores, retail stores, convenience stores, at work, and at any time where there is contact with people outside of their households. All local, state, and federal mandates must be followed.  


Statement from Mayor Errick D. Simmons

"It remains the City of Greenville’s goal to protect and save lives during these unprecedent times. As Christians, the greatest love we can show during this pandemic to our fellow man is to wear a mask or face covering. For our elderly and vulnerable adult population, wear a mask. For our first responders and medical personnel on the frontlines, wear a mask. For your loved ones, wear a mask. For our children, wear a mask. I applaud the Greenville City Council for their leadership in mandating the wearing of masks and/or face coverings in this city."